Ensuring the happiness of our pets is the goal of Canisax.

A veterinary clinic of more than 600 m² dedicated to improving the lives of our animals as members of our family.

The clinic has a reception, waiting room, store, consultation room, pre-surgery, chirotherapy, hospitalization area, laboratory, X-ray room and a rehabilitation and physiotherapy center.

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We offer an advanced service of ophthalmologic medicine and surgery, to perform all types of ophthalmologic procedures.


Our team is trained in the most innovative techniques for the repair of bone fractures, ligaments and malformations.


It is important to have regular check-ups to take care of these little hearts when they present a problem.



We perform day and night service, where we perform both urgent and routine preventive and curative surgeries by appointment, knee prostheses, oral cleaning, castrations in males and ovariohysterectomies in females, etcetera.


We offer a specialized service in dermatology, very demanded in our center, since we assure a strict follow-up until the furry one has managed to overcome the disease.

Image diagnosis

We work with direct digital radiology, reducing radiation and the duration of the examinations. We also have a high-resolution ultrasound scanner with three probes that allows us to evaluate internal organs, take ultrasound-guided samples of these same organs, an adequate monitoring of gestation and its use to inspect the inside of the eyeball.


Our team will be in charge of giving the best advice and care that your pet and your family need. Performing biopsies, surgeries to remove these masses and application of chemotherapy in cases where it is recommended.


We take care of our grandparents with great care and affection so that they are well controlled and have a great quality of life.


At Canisax we accompany you during the difficult process of losing a loved one and we give you the opportunity to keep your pet, with our cremation service.


We offer nutritional advice tailored to your pet, whatever their needs are, as we have a range of selection of the best brands of both wet and dry food.


We have everything you need to care for and play with your pet. It is our duty to advise you about the use, benefits, contraindications and other information of interest of the product you need.

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